What I Learned from the Freedom Seeker Book Launch

A few days ago, I was invited by the lovely Heather from heatherlerrynphotography.com to attend the book launch of Freedom Seeker by Beth Kempton. I had never heard of this book before so I did a little research and it looked amazing!

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Why It’s Okay Not To Have It All Planned Out Yet

These days it seems like we have to start planning our futures and exactly what job we want to have so early on in our lives. We are expected to choose the degree we want to study, and so the career we definitely want to have, before some of us have even become adults. And yes, while students are expected to be making huge life decisions, they still have to raise their hand to ask to go to the toilet.

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Starting to Say ‘Yes’

One of my new years resolutions this year was to start saying yes a lot more. I’m too often susceptible to staying in my comfort zone because, well, that’s where I am most comfortable. But I’ve realised that by turning things down, I’m not going to get where I want to be in life. The outcome of using those 3 letters could actually surprise me.

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Remember to take some screen-free time!

At night, I often look back on my day and realise how much time I have spent glued to a screen. I think a lot of us have become attached to our phones and laptops and almost depend on them for entertainment. It can be hard to go a long time without checking social media and it’s become a habit for many of us to check up on what everyone else is doing all the time.

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Why I believe things happen for a reason

I believe everything happens for reason, good and bad. Don’t forget to make goals for yourself. Even if there have been set backs in your life and even if you experience them this year, never lose sight of what you want to come out of it. Don’t worry if things aren’t going in the smooth direction you expected them to. Every experience will benefit you no matter what it is.

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