Healthy Snacks To Reach For

I know I get a little peckish between meal times and I’m sure many of us do! I know I also end up snacking if I’m bored doing essays at uni, but snacking doesn’t always have to be unhealthy or something you might regret! I’ve made a list of some of the snacks I reach for if I want to satisfy that little bit of hunger. Or boredom…

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What I Eat For A Healthy Day

When I started university this year, I really noticed how bloated and uncomfortable I was getting by eating simple things such as my granola in the morning or a piece of toast. So I did some research and there were quite a few pieces of advice that included limit the amount of gluten in your diet. So that’s what I have been trying very hard to do and I have to admit, I’m feeling so much better because of it! I’m not nearly as bloated and uncomfortable after eating, so I’ve kept this up. I mean, if I’m eating out and really fancy something like bread or pasta, I won’t deny myself having it, but for the most part I am eating gluten free and cleanly. So this is what a typical day in my food looks like!

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