Why It’s Okay Not To Have It All Planned Out Yet

These days it seems like we have to start planning our futures and exactly what job we want to have so early on in our lives. We are expected to choose the degree we want to study, and so the career we definitely want to have, before some of us have even become adults. And yes, while students are expected to be making huge life decisions, they still have to raise their hand to ask to go to the toilet.

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Starting to Say ‘Yes’

One of my new years resolutions this year was to start saying yes a lot more. I’m too often susceptible to staying in my comfort zone because, well, that’s where I am most comfortable. But I’ve realised that by turning things down, I’m not going to get where I want to be in life. The outcome of using those 3 letters could actually surprise me.

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What I Eat For A Healthy Day

When I started university this year, I really noticed how bloated and uncomfortable I was getting by eating simple things such as my granola in the morning or a piece of toast. So I did some research and there were quite a few pieces of advice that included limit the amount of gluten in your diet. So that’s what I have been trying very hard to do and I have to admit, I’m feeling so much better because of it! I’m not nearly as bloated and uncomfortable after eating, so I’ve kept this up. I mean, if I’m eating out and really fancy something like bread or pasta, I won’t deny myself having it, but for the most part I am eating gluten free and cleanly. So this is what a typical day in my food looks like!

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NYX Eyeshadows Review

For a couple of years now, I have been applying eyeliner religiously every day if I’ve been going anywhere. I do like wearing eyeliner because it makes my eyes stand out and draws the attention to them rather than any imperfections on my skin. However, many of you will understand how painfully frustrating and time consuming applying eyeliner can be. I’ve never been very good at it, I can never get both eyes to match and it ends up stressing me out. So lately, I’ve decided to change up my everyday makeup routine, especially if I have to get up early for uni, and just apply eye shadow to define my eyes.

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How To Procrastinate Productively

Procrastination is something we all do isn’t it. We’ll put off doing something important, like a university assignment or writing that blog post and then most of the time end up filling the time with something so pointless that we instantly regret it later. Sometimes procrastination time can accidentally last for hours, especially if you choose to watch a series on Netflix that instantly plays the next episode and you don’t stop it. So here are a list of things you can do that will take your mind off what you are supposed to be doing, but you will still be being productive with your time. I mean, everyone needs a break at some point!

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NYX Liquid Lipsticks – My Latest Obsession

Lately, I have become absolutely obsessed with lipsticks and lip glosses. I was recommended the NYX lingerie liquid lipstick which I fell in love with after first trying it. Obviously I had to go and try more NYX lip products! They are an amazing alternative to traditional lipsticks and come in so many stunning colours. They are so comfortable to wear and I can’t wait to buy even more! Here is my rundown –

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Handy Interview Tips

During my year out, I went to many different interviews for many different companies as I was doing temporary work here and there. I have been faced with all sorts of questions, ones I have been able to prepare for and some I haven’t. Some employers have gone with the laid back approach, while others are very serious and to the point. The tips I have put together are fairly generic and apply to the majority of interview situations.

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