What I miss about being young

Ah when times were simpler…


I remember when school holidays used to actually be holidays. It would come to Easter and we’d get 2 weeks off and genuinely be required to do nothing. No assignments, no jobs. Just playing games, watching television and going on days out. Holidays don’t really exist beyond secondary school with all the essays, exams and the money earning we’ve got to juggle.

The week before the holidays

I also remember the lovely week, or even more before the holidays even started which involved watching films as a class, making crafty things and eating food. Now its just exams and more stressing over the amount of essays you’ve left till the last minute.

Not having to pay for everything

So this is an obvious one. There would be food in the house that would keep appearing every week and the car would just keep running. There were no bills to think about!

Thinking a pound a week was a lot of pocket money

Being given a single pound and thinking you were rich! Honestly, we were so appreciative of the smallest things back then.

Little things amused us

The only things we would have to worry about was making sure your Tamagotchi was healthy and happy! Hours would be spent playing with these little gadgets. And yes the picture is of me when I received my first tamagotchi, look how happy I was!

No such thing as social media

Whilst social media is great for keeping in contact with people it does tend to take over our lives. I miss when we would go outside and play on our scooters and mess around and not have a care in the world!

Everyone in your class was your friend

These were the times where you would invite your whole class to your birthday party and you were friends with anyone your own age.

What do you miss about being young? Or not miss?

Lots of love,



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