It’s getting cold outside…

Which means…

Cosy evenings in with blankets and binge watching TV episodes. Until you’ve watched them all and now have to wait A WHOLE WEEK until the next one.

Making fun of Christmassy things already being on sale but secretly so excited. And then going home and playing Christmas songs.

Hot chocolate. Lots of it.

Hot water bottles.

Fairy lights everywhere.

Candles. Yes I have candles that smell like Christmas already and I’m not sorry they’re heaven.

Scarves and hats and gloves.

Wintery food. Pies, stews and roast dinners and not feeling guilty for it at all.

Firework night.

Christmas is coming…

Can you tell I love this time of year?

Lots of love,


19 thoughts on “It’s getting cold outside…

  1. What A lovely post! I love cosy nights in and you’ve just described it to a perfect T. And candles. Candles are a must have at this time of year! Mulled wine and spiced apple are personal faves 😍
    Carly xx

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  2. Same as me! I go into shops act all shocked Christmas stuff is out already but it excites me and I’m already planning what I want 😂 I LOVE everything about Christmas and this post has really made me want Christmas now haha, loved this post xxx

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  3. Love your site such a gorgeous layout and design! Also, I’m super jealous that it’s getting cold where you are, because I live in FL and it’s always a hot, swamp and I can’t wait to move to somewhere that has seasons!!!

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