Surviving a Week Without Internet!

So I recently moved in to my new university house that I will soon be sharing with three other lovely girls I met in my first year. However, me being so excited to move out and have my independence, I picked up the keys and made myself at home here first. However, with this came the responsibility of sorting the house out and so the absence of an Internet connection for the first week before it had been set up. At first I was hesitant – what would I do with my days without being able to watch Netflix or constantly be on social media? I, as many of us do, rely on the Internet for entertainment and assumed I would be wasting my days away, staring at the ceiling waiting impatiently for my housemates to arrive and the uni semester to begin. In fact, I found the time without Internet so much more productive and I appreciated the happiness I felt doing other things.

Before I arrived I ordered a pile of books to read, some romance novels and some based on films that I had loved watching like the Fault In Our Stars. I hardly ever take the time to sit and read a book anymore, with the exception of when I’m on holiday and I’m relaxing by the pool. But this rarely happens more than once a year. I used to read all the time, I was forever in the library with a good book in my hands so I wanted to revisit the satisfaction of holding a physical book and losing myself in the story. I also visited a few charity shops and bought a couple more for a pound each!

I also was able to appreciate what a beautiful time of year this is at the moment, turning point between summer and autumn. The sun has been out for the most part of the week, which encouraged me to leave the house and take a peaceful walk around South Park, a large and scenic park right next to the university and overlooking the tall, historic structures of Oxford. I was lovely to take in the fresh autumn air and stretch my legs. It always makes me feel so much better in myself having exercised; especially outside and I end up feeling a lot more productive because of it.

Something else that I have appreciated in the absence of Internet is the simplicity of playing a board game. My boyfriend has kept me company throughout the past week and after work we would be playing games like monopoly, keeping us entertained and laughing for hours.

Without Internet I have lots of time to be able to write without distraction. Too many times I find myself flicking between Word and social media so nothing productive really gets done. However, it allows me to focus and really think about what I need to be doing.

And finally, I am more focused on self-care. I give myself time to actually use my hair mask so that my hair is well looked after. I take time to moisturise properly after my shower. I experiment with different hairstyles and makeup looks. I paint my nails and apply a facemask. It forces me to focus on myself and what’s best for me.

Being without Internet has been hard because it’s a little unusual after having relied on it for so long. But it’s made me appreciate other things without being glued to a screen all day. I’ve also found I don’t have as many headaches if I’m not constantly looking at a screen which is a bonus!

I promise you, having no Internet connection can be a good thing and it is doable!

Lots of love,



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