What I’ve learned after my first year at university

So I have finished my first year at university! I definitely had some ups and downs and things I wished I was prepared for, so I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned already!

1. You’re not going to think you maintenance loan is fair. It’s based on what your parents earn and if they are earning a good wage, you will be given the minimum amount of money. So basically, the government is expecting your parents to make up the rest of the money. But this pretty much defeats the whole point of you going to university to be independent!

2. There will be times were you have to go to the library and stay there till the ungodly hours of the morning because you have left your assignment until the last minute. Trust me, you will do this at least once.

3. Finding student housing for your second year is a task you didn’t realise would be so stressful and take up all of your time. The estate agencies in around my uni put up their lists of available housing in November – that’s about 2 months after we had started university and they were bagged in seconds. Pretty much all of the viewings we booked would be cancelled on the day because the house had already been taken. Not only this, but you’re pretty much expected to have chosen the people you are going to definitely be friends with for at least the next 2 years within 2 months of actually being at university.

4. You will wonder where your £9000 per year is going and how it is actually being spent, especially if you still have to buy your own textbooks and pay for printing. You may also calculate that each lecture is actually quite expensive so you’d probably better go and make it worth the money.

5. The people you think are your best friends in Fresher’s week will probably not be your best friends after Fresher’s.

6. You will realise how expensive real food actually is. You will probably find a few meals you’re good at cooking and are not too expensive and just keep repeating them until you’re sick of the same food.

7. Fresher’s flu is real. Pretty much everybody will be coughing and spluttering in your lectures within the first few weeks and it’s very likely it will come for you too. Sorry.

8. You will realise that even though everyone at university is legally an adult, not all of them act like it.

9. You will learn that you are able to get ready for a lecture in record amounts of time when you’ve overslept your alarm if you put your mind to it.

10. Reference everything while you are still on the website / reading the book. If you don’t do this straight away, you will probably never be able to find where that quote came from ever again. You’ll thank me later I promise.

Have you got anything you’ve learned from your time at university or any tips you’ve found useful?

Lots of love,


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