South of France Travel Diaries

A summer break was exactly what I needed after my first year of university! I visited my lovely friend from uni in the South of France where I had a lovely week in the sun, of course had some amazing food and visited some beautiful places!

Aix en Provence                                                                                                                                On my first day there we visited the town of Aix-en-Provence, 15 minutes away from the house. It was a beautiful town, with the lovely narrow streets that I always love and areas to sit outside the restaurants and cafés. The stunning Fontaine de La Rotonde sits in the centre of Place Charles de Gaulle and is an impressive sight. The atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly, the shop assistants would always say hello when you walked inside, making you feel welcome. We sat outside a cute little café for a salad and a gorgeous tasting bruschetta. I absolutely loved the shops we explored. The fashion for example is so different to what I find in British shops and I wanted to take it all home! I should have brought a bigger suitcase!


Marseille                                                                                                                                             We also visited the city of Marseille. We took the metro to the Vieux Port, an impressive harbour full of all kinds of boats and yachts. The views around the port were amazing, with mountains and beautiful buildings surrounding it. We of course stopped for a Haagen Dazs ice cream by the port before exploring further along the water. We climbed a good few steps towards the end of the harbour which, in the heat of the day was a challenge! But the views over the port were worth the climb.


We reached a modern museum building, a stunning piece of architecture with lovely views over the sea through the metal structure. We walked through a charming looking restaurant but decided it may be a little too expensive for us! We ended up finding a lovely restaurant over looking the sea for a very tasty and filling salad each, beautifully presented to us. This was before we headed off to a large open rooftop bar with amazing views of the sea and very delicious cocktails. We experienced a gorgeous sunset from the rooftop as we sipped our drinks and danced!



Cassis                                                                                                                                                  Our next stop was the popular port town of Cassis. This was a lovely scenic town with great views on the waterfront. We stopped for a pain au chocolat because it would be rude not to and admired the scenery. A castle converted in to a hotel stood on a hill looking down over the harbour and the water was glistening in the hot sun. A market was being held and we explored even more narrow streets around the town. They all seemed so peaceful and quiet, with little restaurants and cafés here and there. We stopped again for a salad as well as a delicious and refreshing mango ice cream. There was a small pebble beach off of the harbour with more lovely views of the horizon.


Sausset                                                                                                                                                On my final day in France, we had to visit the beautiful Sausset for a beach trip. The views as we were approaching the sea were stunning, the beach tucked away in a cove. It was a lovely hot day with a perfect breeze to make the heat ore comfortable. The water was very cold considering the heat so I could only manage to dip my toes! It was fairly quiet on the sand and in the sea and the water was calm so lovely and peaceful for a sunbathe!


I really didn’t want to leave the sun behind and I can’t wait to go back already! I survived my first plane journeys on my own without too much hassle and now I want to go and do it all over again!

Lots of love,



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