My River Island Summer Wish List

River Island are KILLING IT with their holiday style at the moment! I love treating myself to something from River Island every now and again. Emphasis on the word ‘treat’ because it’s definitely not the cheapest of clothes shops but the quality is so high and I love some of their statement pieces.

So when I was looking for some new swimwear for my summer holidays this year I had a little nosy. Normally I only manage to find one or two things I really really like in a shop, but right now there are too many things to choose from! So I thought I’d share my findings if you’re in the mood to treat yourself this summer too!

Red Floral Print Macrame Plunge Bikini Top (£22) and Bottom (£13)

RI 1

I picked this bikini because of the beautiful floral print, something I am LOVING at the moment. The colours are very summery and definitely make a statement. I usually go for black and darker colours for a bikini so I was quite proud when I spotted this and loved it!

Black Floral Embroidered Beach Playsuit – £22

RI 2

Again, I loved this piece because of the lovely floral embroidery. It is simple and stylish, perfect to wear over a bikini or down to the beach because of its light material. The waist is elasticated for a perfect fit and the contrast of the white on the navy material is stunning. The playsuit also comes in a light blue, another lovely summery colour!

Black Floral Embroidered String Bikini Top (£22) and Bottom (£12)

RI 3

Can you guess what the theme is yet? I didn’t realise how much love I had for floral embroidery until I picked out these items! But again, this is a lovely elegant and detailed bikini, perfect for sunbathing in style!

Black Floral Print Plunge Bikini Top (£20) and Bottom (£12)

RI 4

I thought this two-piece was very delicate and detailed. The colours are elegant and because of the underwire in the top, it would feel secure. And of course I love the floral pattern! The contrast between the colours is beautiful and the style is sophisticated.

Black Floral Print Embellished Jumpsuit – £32

RI 5

I saw this jumpsuit and couldn’t contain how much I loved it. It is a very unique style jumpsuit and obviously the florals contrasted with the print panels caught my eye. I could definitely picture myself walking around in this piece feeling very summery! The waistband enhances the figure around the middle and it could be worn either casually or for a meal out on holiday.  The colours contrast perfectly – one of the priorities on my wish list for my holiday I think!

Navy Cornelli Embroidered String Bikini Top (£20) and Bottom (£13)

RI 6

I almost always pick a bikini with a lace embroidered detail to wear on holiday. I love the simplicity of the detail without it being too plain. I tend to be quite reserved when it comes to loud patterns and colours. The navy colour is gorgeous and flattering for all body shapes. The simplicity will also limit the amount of tan lines and keep you looking elegant on holiday. This bikini is also available in baby pink, dark red and white.

White Floral Embroidered Kaftan – £35

RI 7

I spotted this cover-up because of the beautiful elegant lace embroidery. This is something I am always drawn to because of the sophisticated design. It covers up in just the right way, subtly but not too much so. The colour would definitely pair nicely with any colour bikini and is a perfect light material for beach weather. I always take a cover up on holiday so that I feel comfortable walking around away from the pool or beach and this is a perfect pick!

So I can see that I am quite obsessed with the floral print this year and there is a reason these are on my wish list because of the price. But you’re allowed to treat yourself, even if it is just one item!

Let me know if you liked any of these pieces or looking to get one for yourself! Or if you have any recommendations of other shops for lovely holiday wear!

Lots of love,



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