What I Learned from the Freedom Seeker Book Launch

A few days ago, I was invited by the lovely Heather from heatherlerrynphotography.com to attend the book launch of Freedom Seeker by Beth Kempton. I had never heard of this book before so I did a little research and it looked amazing!

We turned up and the Southampton venue was lovely and authentic, decorated as if it was the Beth’s own personal space. Photos and quotes up on the wall of the people who have influenced her writing and whose stories have appeared in her book. Paper birds had been handcrafted and hung from the ceiling around the café.

Beth greeted us both warmly and welcomed us to the event. We were given a gift each which I couldn’t wait to open because, well, I’m nosy! Inside was a lovely set of her stationary. A couple of postcards with inspirational quotes on them – ‘Chaos is progress’ being one of them. There was also a beautiful plan notepad, a feather to represent the concept of freedom and a little handcrafted dove, which I couldn’t wait to hang on my wall. I love how much detail and dedication went in to making this night so lovely.

Next of course, we went to order our complimentary drink. We chose to have Mocktails because we were driving home but this didn’t stop the drink being absolutely delicious! It came as a bright green-blue concoction and I saw on the ingredients that it included coconut water so of course I got excited. Did I also mention there were cakes and they were amazing? They were covered with the most delicious icing I have ever tasted.

We drank our Mocktails as Beth began to give her speech, thanking everyone for being at her launch and telling us the story behind the book and why she wrote it. She told us that she quit her job to do what she loved as she felt like something was missing from her life. She now gives courses called ‘Do What You Love’, helping other people to escape from lives and jobs they’re not happy with, helping them find freedom. She had invited some of the Freedom Seekers that had appeared in her writing so that they could tell their stories. I found one of them was particularly interesting.

Nicola stood up and told us her story and how she became a Freedom Seeker. Her life was much like a lot of people, going to work everyday, sometimes for six days a week and working very long hours. She did this every day, every week and she hated this routine. One day, she turned up at her office and turned back because she knew she couldn’t live like this anymore. She was trapped in a cage and whilst even though she looked as if she had her life together at work, when she would get home, she collapsed on the sofa, shattered. Her boss took her aside when he noticed that she was late to work that day and she opened up and spilled everything, about how much she hated the job, hated her boss and the rest of the emotions that came with it. Her boss sympathised and told her to take a three month sabbatical. After having slept for pretty much the whole of two weeks after that, she got up and decided to begin travelling the world. She felt free, as if nothing mattered and there were no pressures of people telling her what to do and no expectations weighing her down. She loved it and wanted to live the rest of her life like this. After going back to the same place of work after her sabbatical, she left again and now works as a life coach, helping people like her to escape the cage and live life a lot happier.

I know that I have not been through a situation anything like this, I mean I am only 19 after all. But I remember back to when I was at Derby University and I was hating every bit of it. I realised that if you don’t like something you’re doing, it’s never too late to change it. You are in control of your life and how you live it. That’s what I love about reading books like this, the feeling and realisation that you are not alone in what you are going through and there is a way of looking at life differently and doing something about it.

After reading the first few pages of the book and attending the book launch, I absolutely can’t wait to read the rest! I feel like it will stay with me and remind me that I have the right to be happy with what I am doing with my life.

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “What I Learned from the Freedom Seeker Book Launch

  1. Becca what a beautiful post. I love that: “You are in control of your life and how you live it” that’s exactly how Freedom Seeker made me feel too. I’ve finished the book now and plan to share a review on my blog over the next few days. A real pleasure to meet you there on the night!


    P.s are you a part of the private Freedom Seeker community on Facebook? Some lovely chats happening in there xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much Fiona! I’m really enjoying the book it’s really inspiring me! Looking forward to reading your review. No I’m not actually I’ll have a little look thankyou! Xx


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