My Holy Grail Too-Faced Products

I went shopping around Valentines Day and I was desperately looking for a good quality foundation that didn’t make my face look orange. I have fairly pale skin and struggle to find a foundation that doesn’t make me look like a satsuma. This is the issue with buying foundations I find, as even though you test the colour on the back of your hand in the store, it never seems to look the same when it’s actually on your face. Then you’ve spent the money and there’s no way back.

So I was looking around House of Fraser in Bristol’s Cabot Circus and eyeing the expensive brands of makeup when I spotted Too Faced. Now, I had heard that this brand was one to try so I had a little look at the Born This Way foundation. It said that it was an oil-free formula, infused with coconut oil. Some of you may know how obsessed I am with coconut oil products at the moment and the benefits it has for the skin. I was intrigued so I Googled reviews of it. There were a lot of positive ones and so I chose to treat myself. It was £29 so not massively expensive but still not cheap. I had also heard good things about the Too Faced mascara, Better Than Sex. I mean, the name alone is pretty intriguing! The brush was thick and fluffy so it looked like it would really plump up my lashes. So I had to treat myself to this for an extra £19 as well!


When I first applied the foundation I was so happy and it looked amazing on my skin. I bought myself the shade Ivory as this was one of the lighter shades. It gave me a dewy and full coverage, masking the redness on my face. It gives me a lovely natural look and isn’t at all cakey or orange which is perfect! It is a nice buildable foundation and doesn’t look heavy on my skin. It is a perfect match to my skin and I don’t even notice it’s there! I love the fact that it is infused with coconut oil obviously and has not made my skin breakout as a result of using it, which is a bonus. I honestly think this is the best foundation I’ve ever bought and it’s definitely worth the money!


The mascara is just as amazing. The brush is so thick and I really noticed a different when I used it on one eye in comparison to when I had none on the other. It really makes my eyes stand out and my lashes seem longer and fuller. I can apply 2 or 3 coats without the formula clumping my lashes together, which is great for a fuller look.

These are now my Holy Grail products to use and I will definitely be buying them again! But they’ve lasted me so long already so I don’t have to think about that just yet! Let me know whether you’ve tried any Too Faced products and what you think! I’m thinking my next Too Faced purchase will be one of the stunning looking eye shadow palettes!

Lots of love,


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