Why It’s Okay Not To Have It All Planned Out Yet

These days it seems like we have to start planning our futures and exactly what job we want to have so early on in our lives. We are expected to choose the degree we want to study, and so the career we definitely want to have, before some of us have even become adults. And yes, while students are expected to be making huge life decisions, they still have to raise their hand to ask to go to the toilet.

It’s a scary decision, deciding what we are going to be doing with the rest of our lives. Especially if you are someone like me who keeps changing their mind every two seconds about most things! I mean, when I was younger I wanted to be a dance teacher, then a journalist, then an interior designer. But then suddenly I was expected to choose one thing to study at university before I had even passed my driving test. I know that a lot of people are also not sure about even going to university at all! The only reason I figured out what I wanted to study was because I stumbled upon a leaflet about a career in event management. It didn’t even cross my mind that this could be a career path.

It’s absolutely fine to not have it all figured out yet! There are so many things that will happen in life that change how you think about things. Working in temporary jobs last year really helped me to experience different things I could do with my life and see whether it was something I could see myself doing long term. So if you are struggling with choosing the exact career you want, try applying to a few different temp jobs! If your life isn’t set out just yet, you can go travelling, you could attend some events and just find yourself and what interests you most.

I had to write an essay a couple of months ago for university, describing the career path I wanted to have and what skills I needed to be able to get there. This was quite difficult for me as the area I am interested in going in to it very broad, covering marketing, events and PR. My lecturer wrote in my feedback that I was required to choose a specific role. I thought that the whole point of going through 3 or 4 years of university was to be able to find myself and understand more about the industry and what I really wanted to be doing?

So many events, experiences and other people shape the direction of your life. Everyone’s different so try not to look at the people your age around you and think that you are lagging behind! Your path is your own and things will happen when they’re ready.

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay Not To Have It All Planned Out Yet

  1. What a lovely post! I totally agree, it can be so overwhelming to feel the pressure of having to decide what your life has to look like in 5, 10 or 20 years.. and most of the time plans don’t even work out the way you wanted them to work out! 😂 We should all be a little bit more relaxed about it all, so thank you for this reminder! xxx yella

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