What I Eat For A Healthy Day

When I started university this year, I really noticed how bloated and uncomfortable I was getting by eating simple things such as my granola in the morning or a piece of toast. So I did some research and there were quite a few pieces of advice that included limit the amount of gluten in your diet. So that’s what I have been trying very hard to do and I have to admit, I’m feeling so much better because of it! I’m not nearly as bloated and uncomfortable after eating, so I’ve kept this up. I mean, if I’m eating out and really fancy something like bread or pasta, I won’t deny myself having it, but for the most part I am eating gluten free and cleanly. So this is what a typical day in my food looks like!



Many supermarkets now have a Free From aisle and I’ve tried out a few things from it, just to see what gluten free food really tastes like. Okay, some of the products really aren’t the same as their gluten equivalent, but I have found a few new go-tos. This includes my breakfast biscuits. I have the Nairns biscuit breaks and they come in a few really tasty flavours. My favourites are the Oats and Stem Ginger and Oats and Syrup flavours. They keep me going until lunch time and are a great source of fibre, with only wholegrain oats used. With only 46 calories per biscuit you cant argue!

I also make myself a cup of black coffee to set myself up for the day. I go for just boiling water and coffee granules because adding milk and sugar then makes it a little less healthy. But if you really can’t drink your coffee without something sweet, perhaps try a sweetener.



Sometimes if I’m a bit peckish or I’m sitting doing some essay writing and fancy a little something,  I may reach for a low fat yogurt. I have been buying the Alpro Soya Coconut yogurts a lot lately and they taste lovely without the dairy, if that is something you like to stay away from. Another new snack that I have found recently is by Deliciously Ella. I have tried a few of her energy balls and love them! They are gluten free and made with all natural ingredients. My favourite flavour is the hazelnut and raisin. Go give them a try!



Quite often for my lunch I will cook myself an omelette. Eggs are full of protein and contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. I cook my omelettes with butter rather than oil to make it healthier and often add something to it such as ham for extra flavour. On the side, I will cook myself some vegetables, often some peas or boiled cabbage. This keeps me full for ages, I’ve had some vegetables and for hardly any calories.

Mid afternoon snack


Depending how I feel (meaning how well my essay writing’s going) I may have few squares of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is probably the best chocolate you can reach for as it contains antioxidants and has a lower amount of sugar than others. It also helps to suppress my craving for other sweet food. If not, I will go for some fruit. This is of course one of the healthiest snacks you can reach for and is full of healthy goodness. I like to try and eat fruits full of antioxidants such as kiwis and blueberries as often as I can and this helps with the blemishes on my skin. I also like to have frozen fruit as the nutrients are locked in when the fruit is frozen and it tastes so refreshing. I sometimes change it up and make the fruit in to a smoothie using my Nutribullet.



A lot of my dinners at the moment revolve around chicken. I don’t make anything fancy, just simple, quick meals. One of the ways I like to cook chicken is to dice it in to chunks and fry it, using my coconut oil (this makes it smell and taste amazing). The other way is to cover a chicken breast topped with either a bit of butter or a seasoning in tin foil and bake in the oven for around 45 minutes. This makes the chicken really juicy. I then add vegetables, sometimes I cook some sweet potato to go with it and sometimes I just boil some frozen vegetables.

 Throughout the day, I am trying hard to drink lots more water, aiming for at least a litre and a half each day. I also like to add in a cup of green tea as this helps to reduce bloating and is a good substitute if you are feeling a bit peckish. I don’t like the taste of plain green tea so I go for different flavours from Twinnings. My favourites are the lemon and honey and the mango and lychee flavours.

I hope you enjoyed reading! I’d love some more healthy meal ideas, so let me know what you like to eat!

Lots of love,


9 thoughts on “What I Eat For A Healthy Day

  1. Ahhh it’s the Deliciously Ella energy ball! It sounds so yummy – I really need to try it! I usually never have frozen fruit but it’s a great idea to keep some in the freezer as usually if I buy lots at once it just goes off quickly! xxx

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  2. Loved this post! Frozen fruit and veg are so handy. I love your idea of eating less gluten. I’m actually posting a “What I eat in a day” on Sunday! The deliciously Ella energy balls are great. I also recommend the Niomi Smart recipe book “Eat Smart” for some great snack ideas including her homemade lemon and coconut energy balls! xxx

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      1. I might have to delay the “What I Eat in A Day” post until the following Sunday now… but it’s for a good reason! I’ve got a special outfit post to put up and couldn’t wait to post it! 😂 🙈 xxx

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