NYX Eyeshadows Review

For a couple of years now, I have been applying eyeliner religiously every day if I’ve been going anywhere. I do like wearing eyeliner because it makes my eyes stand out and draws the attention to them rather than any imperfections on my skin. However, many of you will understand how painfully frustrating and time consuming applying eyeliner can be. I’ve never been very good at it, I can never get both eyes to match and it ends up stressing me out. So lately, I’ve decided to change up my everyday makeup routine, especially if I have to get up early for uni, and just apply eye shadow to define my eyes.

Now I have 3 types of eye shadow that I have recently bought from the NYX counter in Boots. They are all different types of formula and I wanted to share the benefits of each one with you.


So the first eye shadow product I bought is more of an eye tint. It is the Lid Lingerie. Yes, this is similar to the Lip Lingerie product I reviewed recently. It is in pretty much the same packaging and has a very similar texture to it. It is a creamy texture so quickly and easily blends across the eyelid with the wand. After applying, I usually take a blending brush and blend out the colour to neaten it up. The pigment is amazing and gives a lovely bold but delicate colour on your skin. It is a weightless formula and lasts for absolutely ages. I have never had a problem with the colour fading after long wear. This is my absolute go-to eye tint when I’m in a rush because it is so easy to apply and gives an amazing, long-lasting colour. I have the shades Rose Pearl and Sweet Cloud because I just love the neutral tones! The price is great too, just £6 from Boots.


Another eye shadow formula I bought, was the powder product. These are the Hot Singles and I have the shades Own the Night and Smoke and Mirrors. They can be applied by using a standard eye shadow brush and blending them on to the eyelid. They are heavily pigmented so give a bold look when layered. With the colours I have, because they are quite dark, I blend them into the corner of my eye over the top of lighter colours. This gives me a lovely blended depth across the lid. There are 88 shades in total to choose from and only £3.50 each from Boots! I will definitely be purchasing more colours from this range!


My final eye formula is a pencil. This is the Jumbo Eye Pencil and I have shade Iced Mocha. The details about the product on the shelf said that it could be used as an eye shadow as well as an eyeliner. As it was only £5 in Boots, I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! To apply it, all you have to do it just colour all over your eyelid with the pencil and it glides on so easily without tugging. I then use a blending brush to even out the tone over my lid and then use the pencil again to colour the corner of my to give it depth. It is a creamy texture and a very subtle and elegant tone, not too bold. This is also a great quick makeup look if you are in a rush!

Let me know if you have any of the NYX eye shadows or eye tints! Let me know what colours you have and what you think of them!

Lots of love,


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