How To Procrastinate Productively

Procrastination is something we all do isn’t it. We’ll put off doing something important, like a university assignment or writing that blog post and then most of the time end up filling the time with something so pointless that we instantly regret it later. Sometimes procrastination time can accidentally last for hours, especially if you choose to watch a series on Netflix that instantly plays the next episode and you don’t stop it. So here are a list of things you can do that will take your mind off what you are supposed to be doing, but you will still be being productive with your time. I mean, everyone needs a break at some point!

  1. Tick something else off of your to-do list

Most of us have a list of little things that need to be done, like phoning the hairdressers to make your appointment for example. So why not take a little bit of time to just do a few little tasks that need doing anyway!

  1. Do some housework

Maybe your bedroom needs tidying or the dishes in the sink need washing. Whether you enjoy tidying or not, it always makes you feel so much better when you have a tidy living space. Tidy house equals a tidy mind and it might even help you to be more productive afterwards!

  1. Cook your dinner

Food is always a good distraction from work isn’t it! I mean getting up constantly to go to the kitchen and find a snack isn’t productive but cooking a meal that you are going to eat is a productive use of your time.

  1. Go and do some exercise

Exercise often helps to motivate you and clear your mind, especially if you are going outside. Exercise is definitely a productive use of your time as you are keeping your body healthy and if your goal is to tone up for example, breaking up your work with exercise each day will benefit you a lot!

  1. Read a book / magazine / newspaper

If you are working and staring at a screen for most of your day, reading a physical book or magazine can help rest your eyes. It may also give you some inspiration, especially if you have writer’s block and it might give you some new ideas to try.

  1. Experiment with a new hairstyle or makeup look

This is definitely one of the more fun ways of procrastinating work! A lot of us go with the same look most of the time because we haven’t tried anything else. So use your procrastination time to try something new or practice for that occasion at the weekend.

  1. Do a bit of admin

I know there’s a lot of admin that I keep forgetting I should do. So set some time to clear out your email inbox, unsubscribe to any junk emails and make sure your diary is up to date. This is definitely productive and it means you can keep organised and on top of things.

  1. Give yourself a little TLC

We need to remember to look after our bodies and this can be a nice way to reset and clear our minds again. For example, reach for a face mask to give your skin a deep cleanse or apply a hair mask to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

  1. Have a wardrobe clear out

Another good use of your time could be to have a clear out. If you have too many clothes you don’t wear anymore just sitting in your wardrobe – throw them out or put them in a bag ready to go to charity.

  1. Go food shopping

This can be very fun for some people but a massive chore for others. But for most of us it does need to be done. Take a break from your work to go and stock up on your groceries for the week. It gets you out of the house, but make sure you don’t get distracted and end up going for a day of retail therapy or anything!

I hope this has inspired you and given you some ideas on how to best use your time while you’re procrastinating. Let me know how you productively procrastinate!

Lots of love,


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