A Girls (Last Minute) Guide to Valentines Day!

So Valentines is coming up pretty soon and I know a lot of people, like myself have left preparations till the last minute. I hope I can help all you last minute people!

  1. Don’t forget to get a card.

I know you might not like writing and it can be hard to express your feelings in writing, but don’t let that put you off buying a card. Its always lovely to receive a card, no matter whether you are girl or boy, and it shows you care. Just write a simple message saying you love them and maybe a little something about why you do!

  1. Discuss the day with your partner.

Ladies, boys can sometimes overlook the significance of valentines and don’t always realise how much it means to us girls. Some will forget that the day exists, some will forget what the date actually is and some will not always think about giving a card or organising something to do. Just gently let him know that its coming up! Discuss whether you are buying each other gifts beforehand so that you understand each other. Maybe talk about a price limit if one or both of you are on a budget. Even if you are not exchanging gifts its still always nice to get a card. Discuss whether you are going to go on a date for valentines or have a night in.

  1. Gifts for him

I have been with my boyfriend for around 2 and a half years now. That means that a fair few birthdays, Christmases and Valentines days have been had. That also means that I have used up many of my good ideas for presents already and now I’m a little bit stuck. If you are in this situation or your other half is just really hard to buy for, I have made a list of a few generic presents they may appreciate this Valentines:

  • A wallet
  • A watch
  • A fragrance
  • A video game
  • A photo of you two in a frame
  • And of course – the trusty chocolate!

Another idea would be to go shopping and find each other gifts while you’re there together. It’s a good day out and you both know you are definitely going to appreciate whatever it is you buy for each other!

  1. Date ideas

Its always nice to celebrate Valentines day with a date with your other half. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend loads of money to do so though. No matter what you do, you are spending time your partner and that is the main thing. Here is a list of a few things you could think about doing on Valentines:

  • Go for dinner at your favourite restaurant
  • Go for cocktails at a nice bar
  • See if there is a good film on at your local cinema to watch
  • Go ice skating
  • Cook your favourite meal together at home. Teamwork!
  • Have a movie or TV show marathon together
  • Go for a walk together, perhaps to somewhere you haven’t been before.

I hope I have been able to help in some way to get you ready for Valentines and I hope you have a lovely day! Let me know what you’re doing for Valentines!

Lots of love,


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