Remember to take some screen-free time!

At night, I often look back on my day and realise how much time I have spent glued to a screen. I think a lot of us have become attached to our phones and laptops and almost depend on them for entertainment. It can be hard to go a long time without checking social media and it’s become a habit for many of us to check up on what everyone else is doing all the time.

Personally, I feel I need to take a bit of time out sometimes to do other things to bring more balance to my life. Also, it is not great for our health if we don’t take regular breaks from screens and I find I get headaches if I look at screens for too long. Here are some things I like to do for some screen-free time.

Tidy your bedroom or living space

I always find that tidying up makes me feel more in control and that I can focus more. Having an organised living space makes me feel less stressed and can even give me more inspiration on what to do or write about next. Try rearranging your furniture for a fresh look in your room.

Go for a walk

I always find that going for a walk makes me feel more positive and allows me to think about things in a clearer way. It also makes me feel more motivated to get on with things and be productive. Sitting in front of a screen for too long without a break can give you headaches, which I have found and so getting some fresh air every so often can really help.


I find reading a book or magazine a good alternative to looking at a screen. I mean, we’re looking at the latest happenings on Facebook so why not look at stories in a magazine or newspaper too? Reading before bed also helps you to fall asleep faster by relaxing your mind ready for sleep.


Food is always a great distraction! Cooking or baking is a great distraction from screens. Try a new recipe or bake a cake. Also, I like to try and eat in my kitchen for a bit of extra screen-free time and maybe have the radio on if I still want something going on.

Go shopping

Going shopping is always good therapy and gets you out of the house. A lot of us do online shopping these days but nothing can beat actually going to a shop and trying on the dress or sampling that makeup in person. Treat yourself!

Have some pamper time

This is one of my favourites if I want a break from the screen. I like to take a hot bath or long shower and soak myself. This is a great excuse to use some new moisturiser or bubble bath to relax you. I also like to maybe paint my nails or experiment with some new makeup techniques. This can also be time to be very productive!

Talk to your family

Your parents are probably joking that the only time they see you is when the internet goes down for a bit at home. I know I’m sometimes guilty of this! Go and talk to your family, let them know what’s new in your life and the other way round. If you don’t live at home, make some time to see family and catch up! Meaningful conversations without a screen are really good to have!

Let me know what you like to do for some screen free time!

Lots of love


4 thoughts on “Remember to take some screen-free time!

  1. I completely agree with everything you’ve mentioned in this post! I also find going to the cinema where you’re in a room isolated from the world, only to watch and listen what’s in front of you is nice, especially if you enjoy the film! xx


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