Paris Travel Diaries

My boyfriend and I planned a short break away to Paris in the new year. I had only ever been to Disneyland Paris, when I was very young and had not experienced what this beautiful city had to offer.


We were staying a 10 minute walk away from the Eiffel Tower, so we were in a perfect location and I could see the tower from our window. On the first day, we had a lovely wander around the streets of Paris near our hotel. The buildings were stunning and I couldn’t stop taking photos!

We stopped off at one of the many lovely little patisseries lining the streets, where of course we had to have an authentic French butter croissant and pain au chocolat. It was delicious – the taste of French pastries is just not the same anywhere else in the world. The selection of cakes, bread and pastries was amazing and I wish I had had more time to try them all!

We went to visit the Eiffel Tower while the weather was beautiful and sunny to have a walk around and take some artistic photos of the amazing structure. The views were especially breathtaking from over the Seine River that runs next to it. Going up the tower is also a must-do if you visit Paris. The views are spectacular and you can take amazing photos from the top. It is pretty scary, I’m not gonna lie, but it is definitely worth it.

Paris at night is absolutely stunning. The lights were pretty and cafes looked cosy and inviting. We visited the Eiffel Tower when the sun went down to see it lit up against the dark sky. It was an impressive sight and I could have sat and stared at it for hours. Every half hour or so, lights begin flashing on the structure so that it looks as if it is sparkling from a distance. We took the lift up to the second floor, after queuing for about an hour to see the magnificent sight of Paris after dark. Landmarks are beautifully lit up and you can see for miles. I would definitely recommend going up the tower at night as well.

On day 2, we took an open-top bus tour around Paris. This was a great experience as the bus took us to all of the main sights of Paris, including the Arc de Triumph, the Notre-Dame and the Louvre museum. We could get on and off the bus when we wanted and visit the sights. Despite it being absolutely freezing in the middle of winter, the tour was definitely something I would recommend if you want to see everything around Paris.

There are also some amazing shops in the centre of Paris. The city is well known for being fashionable, very sophisticated and expensive. I went to have a look, and only look as there are a lot of pricey things around! But it’s something to aim for in the future – I need to work hard and save up so I can treat myself!

I am already missing waking up and getting a croissant or pain au chocolat for breakfast in the morning. But its on to planning the next trip!

If you have any recommendations as to where I should go next, let me know!

Lots of love,


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