Why I believe things happen for a reason

I believe everything happens for reason, good and bad. Don’t forget to make goals for yourself. Even if there have been set backs in your life and even if you experience them this year, never lose sight of what you want to come out of it. Don’t worry if things aren’t going in the smooth direction you expected them to. Every experience will benefit you no matter what it is.

I ended up taking an unscheduled year out before going to university last year. Before that, I had assumed that I would go straight from my A Levels to my degree and be at university for 3 years. This didn’t go as planned and so it forced me out of my comfort zone of years of education. I went to university to study event management and it ended up not being the place I wanted to spend the next 3 years. I still wanted to get a degree so I reapplied for another university and got an unconditional offer. I know I am not the only one and if you are unhappy you can always do something about it.

In the mean time, I needed to get a job to earn myself some money and get some work experience to get the most out of the year. I used to be afraid of picking up the phone and talking to someone I didn’t know, but after speaking to a lot of employers and having telephone interviews, my confidence was boosted and my independence improved loads. I got a job involving a lot of Excel spreadsheets which I wasn’t in love with but I knew that it would get me some administration experience, something that a lot of employers like to see on your CV. It was also getting me a consistent payslip each week so I could save up for university. A month in to my new job and I got a call from a recruitment agency. A position had opened where I would be responsible for booking conference exhibits for a publishing company. My short experience had paid off and now I was being given the chance to work in the event industry – perfect experience for my degree! I couldn’t say no and the next 3 months of my temporary position gave me the best work experience and responsibilities so far. I was talking to big companies, organising travel and I had an important part within the company. This just shows that even if you are not working somewhere you love at the moment, every bit of experience counts and you never know when the next opportunity will call. Don’t turn anything down!

I have had a lot of interview experience this year, which has improved my confidence massively. Even if you are unsure about the job, go for the interview practice! You might actually like the position they are offering. Pick up the phone, email new people and make new contacts and you never know what may come out of it. Don’t be put off if an interview doesn’t work out – I believe that things are meant to be and new opportunities will present themselves, ones which could be better than the original.

Believe that things which are supposed to happen will do and never give up!

 Lots of love



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